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Ballantine Manuals offered online.  
All prices are for on-line domestic orders only.

bulletManuals for current products

Thermal Voltage Converters
bullet1394A Manual--$95.00
bullet1395B Manual--$95.00
bullet1396A Manual--$95.00
bulletMicropotentiometers Model 1251/1351 Manual--$95.00

bullet323-07 True RMS Voltmeter Manual--$95.00
bullet3015A, 3045A, 3046A AC Voltmeter Manual--$100.00
bullet3056A, 3056A-MOD 98 AC Voltmeter Manual--$100
bullet3440A RF Milli voltmeter Manual--$100.00

bullet1620A Transconductance Amplifier Manual--$100.00
bullet1625A Active Current Shunt Manual--$95.00
bullet6127B Oscilloscope Calibrator Manual, Volume 1: $75.00
bullet6127B Oscilloscope Calibrator Manual, Volume 2: $75.00

bulletManuals for older products

bullet300 AC Voltmeter Manual--$95.00
bullet302C Battery Operated Voltmeter Manual--$95.00
bullet310B VTVM Maual--$95.00
bullet311 Linear Video VTVM Manual--$95.00
bullet320 True RMS Meter Manual--$95.00
bullet323-01 True RMS Meter Manual--$95.00
bullet3028A/B Digital Multi Meter Manual--$95.00
bullet3100 Hand Held DMM--$95.0
bullet9601M Voltmeter Manual--$95.00

Thermal Voltage Converters
bullet1395A Thermal Voltage Converter Manual--$95.00

bullet1010A Manual--$95.00
bullet1032A Manual--$95.00
bullet1040A Manual--$95.00
bullet1066B Manual--$95.00

bullet5500B Manual--$95.00
bullet5700A Digital Frequency Counter Manual--$95.00
bullet5725A Frequency Counter Manual--$95.00
bullet9648M Digital Counter Manual--$95.00

bullet1600A AC/DC Transfer Standard Manual--$95.00
bullet1605A AC/DC Transfer Standard
bulletVolume 1 Users Manual -- $75.00
bulletVolume 2 Service Manual -- $75.00 
bullet420 DC-AC Precision Calibrator Manual--$95.00
bullet421A DC-AC Precision Calibrator Manual--$95.00
bullet6125A Oscilloscope Calibrator Manual--$95.00
bullet6125B Oscilloscope Calibrator Manual--$95.00
bullet6126M Oscilloscope Calibrator Manual--$100.00
bullet6127A Oscilloscope Calibrator Manual, Volume 1--$95.00
bullet6127A Oscilloscope Calibrator Service Manual, Volume 2--$95.00
bullet6130 Time Mark Generator Manual--$95.00
bullet6310 Oscillator--$95.00

Rockland Products
bullet446B Spectrum Analyzer, Manual--$100
bullet5815 Signal Analyzer Manual--$100.00
bullet5820A/B Cross Spectrum Analyzer, Operating Manual--$100.00
bullet5820A/B Schematic Manual, $100.00
bullet5830A/B Cross Spectrum Analyzer, Operating Manual--$100.00
bullet5830A/B Schematic Manual --$100.00
bullet7530A FFT Spectrum Analyzer, Service and Operations Manual--$95.00
bullet90665E FFT Spectrum Analyzer Manual -- $100
bulletRS100 Dynamic Signal Analyzer Operations Manual -- $100
bulletUA500 Spectrum Analyzer Calibration Procedure - Xerox Copy Version--$50


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