1625A Precision AC/DC Current Shunt

Product Summary
The BLI 1625A is a multiranging, high accuracy, active current shunt, for use in making NIST traceable measurements of currents from 10 microamperes to 100 Amperes. Very high measurement stability has been achieved in our shunt design by using special alloys, compensated by a proprietary Ballantine process to minimize temperature coefficient effects.

Product Features

  • Improved linearity and reduced Temperature Coefficients
  • Full scale ranges from 200µA to 100A
  • NIST Traceable Performance.
  • Basic Accuracy ± 0.01% DC; 0.1%AC.
  • Bandwidth DC to over 10kHz.
  • Fast Settling Time.
  • Off line operation with internal NiCad battery

Revised: January 11, 2016