3207 Micro-Ohmmeter

Product Summary
The Ballantine 4 ½ Digit Micro-ohm Meter 3207 measures Low Resistance in Milli and micro-ohms with precise accuracy. It employs the proven 4-wire measurement technique and eliminates the lead resistance inherent in 2-wire technique to give accurate readings.

Cables, components, skin and frame bonds, PC boards, bus bars & contactors, electrodes, motors & transformers systems

Product Features

  • 4½ LED display
  • True 4-wire measurement technique to eliminates lead resistance
  • Pulse Mode Operation for Basic Accuracy of 0.05%
  • 2 mW to 2000 W Full Scale Ranges
  • Resolution to 0.1 mW on 2 mW range
  • RS-232 PC Interface                                                                       

Revised: October 10, 2016