323 Wideband True RMS AC Voltmeter

Product Description
The Ballantine 323 True RMS analog AC voltmeter uses advanced true rms circuitry to achieve square law response from rugged, fast responding silicon diode detectors with no thermal lag and overload vulnerability inherent in thermocouple devices.

These true rms meters respond to the equivalent heating power of the waveform being measured, yielding accurate readings for signals from pure sine waves to complex waveshapes such as distorted sines, squarewaves, pulses, noise, switching power supplies signals, and more. Also, when used with instrument shunts, the 323 provides true rms current measurements on non-sinusoidal waveforms.

Using a Ballantine proprietary suppressed-zero logarithmic voltage scale (linear dB scale), the 323 provides constant reading accuracy from end to end, as well as increased resolution and readability. 

Product Features

  • True RMS Response, including harmonics & crest factors to 21
  • Voltage range: 300 µV to 300 V full scale, 1% basic accuracy
  • Superior input flexibility
  • Selectable floating or grounded operation
  • Frequency range: 2 Hz to 25 MHz, usable from 1 Hz to 75 MHz
  • Full field portability, AC mains powered, optional rechargeable battery
  • Fastest response without thermal lag or delicate thermocouples

Revised: September 30, 2015